Tuesday, August 19, 2011 20:53 AM Posted by Andorix

collab99k v0.1.0.2!

Hello everyone,

Today, I posted a new release of collab99k. In this version I do not have added new stuff, but I have solved a lot of bugs. I hope your program will not shutdown when clicking on a button. When it happen, contact me and describe what you have done!

One change of the program that makes it !unusable with previous versions! is the new way of sending information about documents. Now we send maximum 2 messages each second, but we will make every message as long as possible (if there is a lot to send). Using this method, you will use a bit less data traffic and every message will get to the other users (I hope). Previous versions did lose a lot of data while sending to other people.

One least addition I almost forgot to tell you, there is now an installation package! (uninstaller included)

I hope you like it!

Tuesday, August 14, 2011 23:06 AM Posted by Andorix

collab99k v0.1.0.1!

Hello everyone,

Some days ago I have posted a new version of collab99k on sourceforge.net. This version is also a alpha version/beta version but you I hope that we can find the bugs in my program.

This time I have added a sort of file server so you can make a project and save your data each time you end your session. This will all happen automatically while this program is running. To make a project, you will have to choose the first option (use file server) in the new login screen. If you do not want to login without a first view, you can try to login with these settings, use a name (you can always choose, as project type tst, as code you retype tst, this is my test account so you can edit whatever you want.

I also search people to test my program, a lot of things are to difficult for me to test alone, so if you are interested, contact me!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011 19:25 AM Posted by Andorix

Welcome to collab99k!

Welcome to my web page on sourceforge. Here you will be able to read more information about collab99k.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011 20:00 AM Posted by Andorix

BUGS in v0.1.0.0!


Until now, I have found 2 bugs in my latest release. One of these problems is that a button doesn't work. In the main menu bar, you would be able to create a new Rich Text Documents, but these button doesn't work. Instead, you will have to use the "Startup a rich text document"-button in your chat box.

The other problem I found, is that the program automatically starts up in Dutch. If you speak english, this can be difficult for you so, you can set the language to English. In order to do this, click in the menu bar, 'Opties' and choose there 'Opties', there you can choose 'eng.txt'. Then you will have to restart your program.

If you found other problems or you want support, you can go to here!

Thanks in advance

Andorix - wimvr